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June 24 2018

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Japan’s Kayashima Station is built around a 700-year-old tree. When town officials planned to cut down the tree, which is associated with a local deity, there was public outcry. Rumors began to spread about the tree being angry and cursing anyone who touched it. Station officials didn’t want to tempt fate, so they built the train platform around the tree and surrounded it with a small shrine. Source Source 2 Source 3

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Wie war das? "Wer ficken will muss freundlich sein"
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Moods, 1935

Mildred Bryant Brooks

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While we’ve already seen some amazingly creative graffiti before, there seems to be no end to the possibilities a plain building wall presents. Now multiply that by four, and you understand the challenge Chicago-based street artist E. LEE faced. A challenge he dealt with brilliantly.

Lee used the four walls harboring two restaurants in Chicago as a clever tribute to what he calls “the consummate failure” – a Looney Tunes character, Wile E Coyote.

“It was a challenge creating a story-line using two corners with so much distance between them. But I was really happy to do this Wile E Coyote piece,” Lee told Street Art News. “The consummate failure is my favorite character of all time. I love him for knowing what he wants and going after it; for being creative in the pursuit; and for always getting up after he falls and trying again. He’s inspired… and a hell of a painter. A huge thank you to Soho House and Threadless for allowing me the opportunity.”

If you ever get the chance to land in Chicago, head over to the Soho House in the West Loop, where the quadriptych graffiti can be experienced in its full glory.

More info: works by e.leeinstagram (h/t: streetartnews)

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